Soho full stack

Migration effort. Authoritative log in in the server and migrated to different team using SOAP and now using REST Service. Change of authority from data sets and change from SOAP to REST. Bulk of the work is Front End. Some cookie work to function from a launch perspective. Might be some removal of functionality. Dozen front end applications and many moving parts so multiple teams against these application.


MySQL Integration is the back end database. REST layer about this DB. Utilizing heavy stored procedures.


Ability to code through someone old code base and figure out the touchpoints to change and pick up new paradigm and implement into new tech stack.


Mainly OO PHP and lots of Javascript (AJAX calls) Not that many REST calls to develop (common code that handles these calls). Go in and do some MySQL for a stored procedure/trigger.  2 people on the team for digital locker part.


PHP/Ajax/Javascript/jQuery. Look at existing code base and removing lots of code that is not needed and adding new calls to back end services. Lots of similarities between the apps even though now Framework.   (only product that uses Angular.JS (Angular 1.5) is the new tracking project done by a different group). Need 1 consultant with Angular.JS.


This is all LAMP stack.

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